A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq

A Soldier's Story: Introduction

by Sam Kouvaris

While the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have drifted off the front of the newspapers, away from the nightly news and are in the back of most American's minds, for military families, it's a daily reality.

One of my best friends of 35 years has a son serving our country overseas in the US Army. This is a "kid" I've known since birth, followed his academic and athletic career and his decision to join the Army to serve our country. To him, his parents, his sister and their friends, the war is very real, and very dangerous.

Here are snippets of his story, in his words over the last couple of years.

A Soldier's Story: Letters From Iraq
Click below to read the letters in chronological order We felt it was best to post them that way.

A Soldier's Story: Letters From Iraq

  04-03-08 - In Kuwait
  04-05-08 - STILL In Kuwait
  04-06-08 - Headin' Over
  04-13-08 - at FOB Warhorse
  04-13-08 - (Untitled)
  04-19-08 - Settled?
  04-25-08 - Outside The Wire
  04-27-08 - Good Night
  05-09-08 - In Recent Retarded News ...
  05-17-08 - Meh
  06-17-08 - Home, Finally Got Hookup
  06-18-08 - P.S...
  12-09-09 - Playing Tourist In Iraq
  01-27-10 - Meet Haji

A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq

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