A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq
April 03, 2008
Letters From Iraq Archive

Thursday, April 03, 2008 12:57 PM


In Kuwait

been in kuwait for about five days now. the whole experience has been remarkably underwhelming. we left ft. lewis wed 26th early afternoon, just to make sure we didn't miss our midnight flight out of seattle. i guess that's important when you're trying to load several crates of assault rifles on a commercial aircraft, most of the people on the flight were civilians. landed in dallas about 1/2 hour before sunrise, sat around for most of the day before we loaded back up and flew to somewhere in germany.

this flight was all military and a much larger plane. the standard 3-4-3 seating setup you usually see on flights to europe, unless of course you chose to take Iceland Air, in which case you're helping to pedal. the plane wasn't even half full so nobody had to sit next to anyone else and we were about as well fed as you can be on an airplane with foil-food.

most of these soldiers were returning from r&r. flying half way around the world when you're sick really sucks. by the third time we went up and down i thought my head was going to explode. we came down into kuwaiti national airport (which looks like a prison w/ all it's barbed wire) right before sunset. the air was... brown. all the new kids had to sling the baggage from under the plane onto the semi truck that would go with the convoy of busses -led by an up-armored humvee- we would ride on to the first base somewhere in a very dark kuwait.

we were checked in there sometime before midnight and told we would be moving immediately to another base for training and then over to iraq in about three days. we were told a transport would pick us up in the parking lot at 0600, so we just waited out there w/ our stuff. i think the shuttle showed up about noon. driving across kuwait in the daytime makes the surface of the sun look inhabitable. it is nothing but miles of flat sand and nothing in all directions. you almost feel like you're back in mexico when you see the random heards of goats or the aimless wandering camels, but not quite.

so we got more issue stuff today and we did a 'test fire' of our rifles. which consists of driving two hours further into the middle of nowhere to fire ten rounds and then drive the two hours back. what a waste of time. we're supposed to fly over on saturday. hope it happens.

hope everybody's doin well back home, let me know what you're all up to. we're all fine here.

A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq

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