A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq
April 05, 2008
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Saturday, April 05, 2008 8:43 AM


STILL In Kuwait

ok so the notion that we were actually flying out of here this morning at O-dark:30 was apparently false. -shocker- now they're saying monday, probably morning.

i realize that i painted a pretty bleak picture of kuwait, and bleak it is, but it's not that bad a place to be. it's only real hot in the very middle of the day and the rest of the time, day or night, it's pretty nice to be outside. unless there's a sandstorm. we've had about two since we got here and they are no fun to walk around in.

if you pretend real hard it's like you're at the longest beach in the world. though with all the trash it's gotta be coney island.

and if you did decide to walk the several days to the sea, yoooou'd probly just get your rifle wet. gym shorts and assault rifles do make for an interesting combination. especially the guys who also have a thigh holster for their pistol. a VERY intimidating army we are.

aside from that the food's tolerable and the gym's pretty nice. my favorite piece of equipment is a combination between a treadmill and a climbing wall. you can climb up it as long as you like and not go anywhere. it's pretty fun.

so that's pretty much it for 'news.' i'll letcha know if we do get out of here. i realize my idea of excitement may differ from others but lying around in an over-airconditioned tent for a week will drive anyone bonkers.

have fun,

A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq

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