A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq
April 19, 2008
Letters From Iraq Archive

Saturday, April 19, 2008 6:39 AM



and then there were two... i left ft. lewis w/ fourteen other soldiers. two peeled off in kuwait, we split in half again in balad and that group was all divided up when we went through battallion. i think i would have prefered to come to the unit alone and fend for myself, but they sent the fat kid along w/ me and if anything he'll just make me look better. i don't use it as an excuse to slack off though. they can be pretty demanding when they wanna be.

so i've finally got my computer set up over here and rigged to the internet. wireless mind you -costs sixty bucks a month. i guess that's cool but i'm much more grateful for hot showers and flush toilets, which aren't everywhere. i now live closest to yet a different set of bathrooms and i managed to brush my teeth at least a full three times before i noticed the "non-potable water, do not brush your teeth in these sinks" sign located above the mirrors, a good nine feet off the ground. all of the previous water tanks had been clearly marked 'potable only' -oh well.

i finally finished in-processing the battallion and moved over to Alpha Company a few days ago. so far, surprisingly, the easiest thing i've done in the army is serve with my unit, though it was a shitty time getting here. it might have been different if i had showed up a few months ago but things are a little slow right now.

i'm with the mortars section so we trade off manning the mortar point at the edge of the base. that consists of one stryker parked out in the dirt, just inside the dirt wall topped w/ fencing/concertina wire, with the 120mm mortar cannon set up in the back of it and a bunch of mortar guys sittin' around waiting for something to do. they had us running some drills and such for familiarization and cramming some info into our brains that we may or may never use.

hey c -! now i have a trailer too! yes, i live in a trailer, on cinder blocks, surrounded by sandbags, in a collection of said trailers, w/ poorly constructed plywood overhangs, so that i can sufficiently say that i live in a trailer park, surrounded by concrete blast walls. i now have the pleasure of being whitetrash WHILE being a soldier in a combat zone. these are the things that dreams are made of. ain'tcha prowd?

they're actually about as nice living accomodations as i could expect. much better'n the tents. there's usually only two to a room but we've got three until the corporal leaves next week w/ the advanced party. fatty's on a cot until then. i have my own bed. !!

so thursday the air was orange. not the sky, the air. when the wind kicks up here all that super-fine moon dust just hangs in the air, sufficiently impairing the use of my nasal passages. it's a tradeoff though. wednesday was hot as hell 'cus the sun was beating down all day. but w/ all the dust it made for a pretty cool day, i think i saw my shadow for a grand total of four minutes.

the dust will pool up too. when you walk through it it's just like walking through big rain puddles, only the splash is dust -weird. it'll change in a minute too, yesterday was bright and clear all day -went into a building for not half an hour and everything was orange again when i came out.

now it's almost five am here -saturday morning- and i'm pulling radio guard in the company headquarters tent. which means i'm on the internet. at this hour of the day there's not much radio traffic.

the guys in my squad are pretty cool. they know their stuff. there are two other kids who got here in january so we're not the only ones who havn't been here that long. we'll all be assigned to the detail in kuwait to clean up all the trucks and cargo containers that are going back on the ships.

i had hoped i might be able to come back on the freighter so i could not only have sailed across the pacific but also traveled all the way around the world -i think we'll fly back through germany- but no such luck. maybe next time, 'cus there will be a next time.

much love,

A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq

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