A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq
May 17, 2008
Letters From Iraq Archive

Saturday, May 17, 2008 6:51 AM



nothing really new here, but if you're curious we've been wearing more rubber off the strykers showing the 'new' guys around. they're not really new, just new to warhorse. they've been in country for nine months already. it's a field artillery unit. dunno how they're gonna fill the shoes of a stryker brigade (they're much smaller) but that's really not my problem.

we left out early yesterday morning. we have our trucks, they're have theirs. they drive m-raps, not strykers. they're essentially like huge mack trucks with a long cab that stretches back over the back dual-AXL to fit all the troops. real tall. armors supposed to be top notch. -always a bonus. we got to whichever section of road they were worried about and dismounted from the lead vehicle to make sure the surrounding area was clear of ied's. so i'm walking off the road through scrub grass and mud, that had fortunately dried up enough from the previous day's thunderstorm -that stuff turns into your second foot when it's wet, looking for wires that would lead to a "vicitm trigered bomb." -awesome- nah, they clear that route all the time, so the threat level's pretty low, kind of a formality of sorts. the squad leader directly across the road from me decided he wanted to check out some loose dirt that migh have somthing buried- so we halted while he grabbed a big knife from one of his guys and went to town digging in the dirt. crazy bastard. they have robots for that shit. (we don't, but they're around) i think he wanted to show off a little to the new guys, rockstar that he is.

-satisfied, we loaded up and wound up at the mayor's house for the meet and greet. i was put on the roof for security. everything takes twice as long since everything has to be said twice -translated- so we were just standin' up there in the sun for a while. again, looking around the town reminds me of driving through dumpy mexico. junked cars. crumbling buildings. sorry excuses for farms. donkys walkin' around. an occasional cow in the road -which i wanna know where they got 'cus our burgers are NOT beef. most folks move around on old bicyles. but mexico has beaches... and cerveza. and they don't stone their women to death.

spent another night out at that COP. -concrete floor for a bed, night-time roof guard shift where you can hear al queida, or whoever -haj calls them all alibaba, moving through town shooting at random. kicked in the leg for wakeup. yay! sun's up- can go 'home'. park stryker. drop ramp. noone says a word. grab gear. head for tent. no water..

all i wanted was a shower. my feet smell TERRIBLE.

A Soldiers Story:Letters From Iraq

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